Muriel McClymont

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Muriel uses her unique welcoming style to create a safe environment so you can explore, without judgement, ways of achieving your goals and living a more fulfilled life. Her approach is supportive, non-directive and conversational, helping you sort out what really matters to you, so you can connect to your own authentic inner resources.

Coaching areas include confidence building, overcoming obstacles and setting new directions in your career or life in general. She covers a broad range of topics with an overall focus on people being able to be more of who they really are.

What people say

"To say that Muriel is a gifted and empathetic individual is an understatement - her practical, emotional and intuitive guidance has helped me through the most difficult period of my life. She is, quite simply, wonderful. Thank you Muriel"     Sarah

"Muriel is professional, focused with a charismatic personality. Skilled at making you face what your barriers are to self-development and teaches you how to break these down and release your inner potential to self-develop whether on a personal or professional level whatever your goals are. Great coach, would highly recommend."       Linda King

"Muriel helped me to overcome a phobia of hyper-dermic needles using a neuro-linguistic programming technique. She was patient and ensured I understood and was comfortable with each step. The process itself was neither unpleasant, nor traumatic - in fact it was hard to believe something so gentle could have such a profound effect. But after one session I was able to handle needles in a way which previously would have had me paralysed with fear. I would recommend her to others without hesitation." Steve Stovold Director